Gryphon Clerks

Victory's elite administrators. They are highly trained at the Clerks' College and intensely loyal.

They wear silver gryphon seals (the gryphon is Victory's personal seal) on lanyards which also support a rank bead and decorations. Victory, as Chief Clerk, wears a pure white rank bead. Her Deputy Chief Clerk wears one with a thin black stripe. The black stripe gets thicker as one goes down the ranks, until Junior Clerks wear an all-black bead.

Ranks are: Junior Clerk, Clerk, Senior Clerk, Leading Clerk, Senior Leading Clerk, Deputy Head Clerk, Head Clerk, Deputy Chief Clerk, Chief Clerk.

Decorations on the lanyards indicate years of service, successful projects, important events, commendations and the like, along similar lines to military decorations. They are worn on formal occasions, though they may be worn during the normal workday as well if meeting the public.

After Gnome Day, a large number of gnomes were admitted to the Clerks' College. It was also opened to dwarves, though none took up the offer at first.

Following the Unification War, the students from the College of Ancient Turfrae who had been drafted into the attack on the beastheads were also offered places at the College, and a number of them took up the offer too.

Named Clerks:

  • Head Clerks
  • Grace Carter
  • Gratitude (at the refugee camp in northern Gulfhead, after the Siege of Lakeside Koslin)
  • Harmony (ranked Clerk): rebuked by Reliable for criticising Determined.
  • Poise Turner: a Senior Leading Clerk in the Office of Realm Affairs. A slender woman with short dark hair shaped into a sleek, aerodynamic-looking cut. 
  • File (born Lace), a gnome woman, recently promoted from Junior Clerk to full clerk.