Provincegolds of Denning:

  • Felicity Lake (middle-aged, unruffled facade, languid style of speech). Capital: Lakeside Koslin.
  • Courteous Westcoast (daughter: Courtesy Hollowtrees of Westcoast; about 60, gruff, grey-haired, wears a long blue coat). Capital: Port Sunset.
  • Tenacious Northriver (replaced by Constance Blueclay). Capital: Northgate.
  • Consolation Thousand Hills (elderly, given to complaining, tremulous, querulous; her province has a lot of mining, but little agricultural production, and her citizens tend to leave to look for work in Lake or Southcliffs). Capital: Mount Morin.
  • Beauty Six Gorges (middle-aged, a little older than Felicity).
  • Southcliffs (middle-aged, older than Beauty, weatherbeaten face). Capital: Koslinmouth (becomes known as Old Koslinmouth when New Koslinmouth is founded across the river as the capital of Koslin).

Provincegolds of Koskant:

Magnanimous Gulfhead (son of Realmgold Glorious), older than Victory but young enough to have been at school at the same time. Capital: Gulfport.

Other Koskant provinces:

  • Western (Victory's province). Capital: Westport
  • Gulfshore. Capital: Havenpoint
  • Islands. Capital: Deepwater
  • Eastern (impoverished). Capital: Riverbend Market
  • Inner. Capital: High Rapids

The realmgold of Koskant was elected from among the provincegolds. By firm tradition, the (province) heir of the previous realmgold could not be elected immediately after him or her.

There are plans to establish a Northeast Province in the beasthead lands, of which a beasthead would naturally become provincegold - making them eligible to become realmgold of Koslin, and raising the number of provinces to 13. This is naturally controversial. The capital would most likely be Snakemouth.