Red General

An ancient elven military man who wrote a famous book on strategy and tactics, Victory's favourite book. His other claim to fame is that he rose from the Copper Class to the Gold Class and became Emperor at a particularly war-torn time in the Empire's history. He was a sergeant when his unit was caught behind enemy lines, and managed to get them back largely intact, but without the Silver lieutenant. He was promoted (and taken up to the Silver class) to replace the lieutenant, and rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming a general, which put him in a position to take the imperial throne.

He states that any plan quickly meets chaos when implemented, but chaos favours the prepared.

His famous list of key elements for success is:

  • Allies
  • Intelligence
  • Logistics and Supply
  • Troops
  • Plans (for attack, defense, withdrawal, and a plan for when the other plans fail)

The Nine Factors:
"The wise commander, seeing a force that has superior numbers, does not despair. Rather, such a commander takes action, refusing to meet the larger force face to face on open ground, and takes steps to use the opponent’s numbers to advantage. For there are nine factors of victory to consider, apart from the number of the enemy. These are the factors of location, being terrain, placement and manoeuvrability; the factors of one’s troops, being their condition, training and armament; and the factors of the mind, being tactics, intelligence and attitude. Only when one’s opponent is one’s equal in all of the nine factors do numbers become insuperable."