Research Institute

Founded by Master-Mage Amiable for research into magic, including the recovered magic of the elves, and the knowledge of gnomes, as well as new materials and processes. Basement contains projects on fungi, yeasts, etc.

The Clever Man's Works are now a part of the Institute.

Senior Director: Amiable - does public relations, interfaces with the Inner Council, University of Illene and Council of Mages
Operations Director: Gizmo - runs things day-to-day
Research Director: Blessed of Reedford (unfashionably long, raven-black hair, prominent nose) - responsible for the researchers and publication.
Commercial Director: Encouragement Limner (tall, thin, salt-and-pepper hair) - responsible for the finances and direct profitability. Abundance Tailor was appointed as Commercial Director briefly, apparently so that the Master-Mage could make a point to her about prejudice, since she was unable to work with Gizmo and was fired.
Head of the hardlac section: Prominent.